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Dylan Maggiacomo: A Life Pursuing Service

The Journey to Recovery Requires Community Help, Dylan Maggiacomo
Dylan Maggiacomo is on the board of Journey to Hope, a humanitarian foundation that gives finances for addiction treatment to Canadians who could not otherwise afford it. In his still-youthful professional career, Dylan Maggiacomo has found that successful addiction treatment involves four attributes that aren't always available to individuals seeking help.
Treatment Is a Choice, Dylan Maggiacomo Says

Addiction therapy lowers symptoms and minimizes the likelihood of reverting to previous behaviours. Before any productive change is possible, Dylan Maggiacomo reminds his customers, there must be a decision and a commitment to modify your life.

Changes in Thinking Occur One Thought at a Time

Anxiety, depression, and drug addiction problems, often coexisting, cause ideas, beliefs, and feelings to become twisted and confused. Inaccurate perceptions and unclear thinking lead to unwise judgments and terrible results.